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Monday, April 13th 2015

7:55 AM

Indonesia has been secretly researching the Sun and success!

Be so United is proud to have NASA in mid-March and then sending the aircraft without the crew to examine the Sun. Reasonable, if the superpowers do spaceresearch is quite extreme. What about Indonesia? Notmany people know if Indonesia has also researchedsimilar things.
Yes, we have to admit the level of research done by NASA, of coursedifferent from Indonesia. If NASAexamines the relationship between Earth and the Sun'smagnetism much further, Indonesia through EIGHTnew simply for space weather prediction.
khasiat sari buah merah papua
It was described by the head of the EIGHT-SpaceScience Centre, Clara Yono Yatini. According to him,this research has ever done is research related tospace weather. Doing research on the Sun and see how will it affect the Earth and the environmentantariksanya.
"The effect on the Earth, for example for radio communication and satellite communication, againstthe Earth's magnetic field. And how the spaceenvironment is affected by the Sun and then affect the Earth, "he said when contacted Merdeka.com, (11/04).
Further, he explained that the research that has beendone of its Board have been able to estimate howspace weather conditions. "We can already predictspace weather conditions in the next 24 hours. Well it is the activity of the Sun, its effects on the geomagnet, and also its effect on the ionosphere and radio communications and also communication withsatellites, "he explained.
The study, he said, is done with international partnerswho in fact are the institutions from abroad. "We work with international partners in a number of other research, too," the lid.
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